Marina combarro, member of Transeurope Marinas

In 2017 Marina Combarro joined TransEurope Marinas. TransEurope Marinas comprises the largest marina group in Europe, spanning twelve countries and close to 45,000 berths. Originally created to help bolster smaller, independent and often family-run marinas, both sides of the Channel/La Manche, what was “Transmanche Marinas” evolved to incorporate members across the Iberian Peninsula, Ireland and the Netherlands before extending further south to countries such as Greece, Croatia and Italy.

The essence of the group is based on a convivial, low-cost membership system whereby marina members offer reciprocal discounts to their berth-holders, permitting them to enjoy a 50% berthing discount in over 85 other European marinas for up to five days in each facility. As far as possible, marinas are spaced at a minimum distance of 30nm or a day’s sail away, providing nocturnal refuge. Members are encouraged to meet service and safety standards corresponding to four or five Gold Anchors (TYHA); in this way, berth-holders can be assured of a similar level of service as a visitor in affiliated marinas.

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